Great Lakes Dance Academy

We, at Great Lakes Dance Academy, are committed to providing you with the very best Performing Arts education. We want each experience at our academy to be positive and inspiring. Our capable teachers and staff are passionate about dance education and the performing arts. We look forward to sharing our passion with each student, and helping each dancer, singer, and actor reach their goals.

Dance Company


About the Dance Company at Great Lakes Dance Academy

We don't consider Great Lakes Dance Academy to be a Competition Dance Studio. We do have a Dance Company the attends competition, but the main focus of our academy is to teach solid dance technique and nuture creative young people. Our dance company auditions in the spring each year. We begin rehearsals in the fall after Thanksgiving. The company rehearses every saturday afternoon until mid-april. The company attends 2 competitions and 1 Convention and Competition each season. We have between 20 and 30 dancers generally and present about 20 routines of various styles and sizes. We also offer a part- time dance company opportunity. These dancers learn 1-2 routines and attend 1 competition. They rehearse from January to April. Both the Part time and Full Time company dancers participate in the Company Showcase which is held annually in April.

Dance Company Mission Statement

The purpose of this company is to develop dance artists through learning, perfecting and performing a variety of dance pieces. The goal is not to win competitions, but to gain experience as a performer and dance artist. Competitions are a great way to validate our hard work and get a chance to perform for dance industry professionals, but the goal each season is to improve our skills and build confidence as dancers.

Audition Details for Intensive Study and Company

Date: Sunday May 27th, 2018

Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign and and warm up.

Audition Fee: $15

*Please pre-register with the office.



9-9:30 Senior Hip Hop (Ages 12 and up)

9:45-10:15- Senior Tap (Ages 12 and up)

10:30-11:00- Senior Contemporary (Ages 12 and up)

11:15-11:45- Senior Acro (Ages 12 and up)

12:00-12:30- Senior Ballet (Grade 3 Ballet and Up)

1:15-1:45- Senior Jazz (Ages 12 and up)


2:00-2:30- Junior Tap (Ages 7-11)

2:45-3:15- Junior Jazz (Ages 7-11)

3:30-4:00-  Junior Acro (Ages 7-11)

4:15-4:45- Junior Hip Hop (Ages 7-11)

We will be deciding all Intensive Study class placements and Company routines immediately following the auditions. MIssing the auditions may impact the ability of the teachers to correctly place you in the appropriate classes/routines. 



**We are holding an information meeting for current and new Intensive Study students and parents.**

Thursday May 24th, 6:00-7:00PM at GLDA in Studio A