Great Lakes Dance Academy

We, at Great Lakes Dance Academy, are committed to providing you with the very best Performing Arts education. We want each experience at our academy to be positive and inspiring. Our capable teachers and staff are passionate about dance education and the performing arts. We look forward to sharing our passion with each student, and helping each dancer, singer, and actor reach their goals.

Pricing and Info

For the 2024/2025 season, payments will be divided into four installments. The season includes 34 weeks between September and Mid-June. The fees are divided into 4 equal parts. 

Installment Schedule 

September 1, 2024/ November 1, 2024/ February 1, 2025/ April 1, 2025

Prices and Installment Fees (Taxes not Included)

Class Per Installment Total for the Year
45-minute class $122.40 $489.60

1-hour class



1 hour 15 min class



1hour 30 min class



Ballet 1



Ballet 2/ Teen Ballet



Ballet 3 and 4



Ballet 5

$375.87 $1503.48

*Prices DO NOT include HST

Class Discounts

First Class - Full price

Second Class - 5% discount

Third Class and beyond - 10% discount 

Registration Fee

Registration Fee is $26.55+tx per student





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