Great Lakes Dance Academy

We, at Great Lakes Dance Academy, are committed to providing you with the very best Performing Arts education. We want each experience at our academy to be positive and inspiring. Our capable teachers and staff are passionate about dance education and the performing arts. We look forward to sharing our passion with each student, and helping each dancer, singer, and actor reach their goals.


To Build A Home

Choreographed by Leanne Bradshaw

Advanced Hip Hop at GLDA 2016

Choreographed by Renee Coutu

This is Ballet

A documentary create by former student Anaiya Willems.

GLDA Theatre


Students are introduced to theatre skills through improvisation exercises and theatre games that allow them to explore their imagination and communicate their experience in a dramatic context. Excerises lead to the creation of short scenes that students work on in pairs or small groups before moving onto our final script. 


The dance training segment of the program introduces students to a variety of dance styles with a focus on jazz for basic choreography. GLDA Theatre dance classes vary slightly from a regular dance class in that it also teaches dance in a dramatic context - how to dance and move in character. 


Students are introduced to the rudiment of singing, vocal technique and choral singing. Each session inculdes a vocal warm up before development of songs and musical material to be presented in our final production.

Anything Goes -Tap Group

Great Lakes Dance Academy 2013
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