Great Lakes Dance Academy

We, at Great Lakes Dance Academy, are committed to providing you with the very best Performing Arts education. We want each experience at our academy to be positive and inspiring. Our capable teachers and staff are passionate about dance education and the performing arts. We look forward to sharing our passion with each student, and helping each dancer, singer, and actor reach their goals.


Why choose
Great Lakes Dance Academy?

Learning to Dance Costs Money: Yes, dance lessons can be expensive. But with class sizes limited, certified instructors, and a pleasant dance environment you will feel you money is well spent. Plus, with our 3 installment payment plan, multi class discount and Dance Pass, taking lots of dance can be reasonable for your budget.

Time Commitment: Becoming an elite dancer will require many hours per week of training. If this is your desire, then you should audition for our Intensive Study Program . We recognize that being an elite dancer is not every person’s goal and that is why we offer well crafted, structured and nurturing recreational dance programs in all styles of dance.

Who teaches?

Each class has an experienced dance instructor who continues to annually update and refresh their skills and teaching methods teaches every class. Our intermediate and senior dancers assist many of our classes.

Busy? ​Need information?

We know that life gets crazy; we strive to be timely with schedules, dates and important information throughout the year. We use Facebook, e-mail and our website to ensure you never miss a thing. We are always available in the office to answer your questions as well.

What Method of Ballet do you teach?

We teach Cecchetti Ballet. We are a member of the Cecchetti Council of America. Ballet students in grade 1 and up are require to take an exam before moving on to the next grade.

Do you go to Dance C​ompetitions?

We have a Dance Company that auditions in June and rehearses and performs between October and April. Company members must take ballet and be enrolled in the Intensive Study program (with the exception of the Hip Hop Company). We feel that attending competitions is an excellent learning tool, but it is only a part of the process of becoming a great dancer and therefore is not the main focus at Great Lakes Dance Academy.

Beginner dance for older students: Every year we help new dance students embark on their dance journey. No matter what your age we will find the right class for you. We offer beginner teen ballet every year!

When do we go on stage?

Every year we have 2 performances. One in December, a holiday show, this show is free to attend, no costumes required and all student except 3 year olds perform. The second performance is our recital in June. It is at the Imperial Theatre. Each class will purchase a costume, level 1 and up will perform at least twice on the recital weekend and each class will get a dress rehearsal in the week leading up to the shows. Tickets are purchased for this performance.

Want to be on Broadway someday?

Join our triple threat program! Each week these students train in acting, singing and theatre dance. The program runs from September to April ending with their very own on stage production at the Sarnia Library Theatre!!

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